Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.59.28This is very exciting – The PWC 18th Annual Global CEO Survey. More than 1,300 interviews all over the world, very useful form of presenting the data and information to the audience.

I spent some time to look into the details especially to find what is in for midsize companies. I want to start with a quote I captured from the website:

“We live in an era of unprecedented digital change – the type of change that’s reshaping the relationship between customers and companies, breaking down the walls between industry sectors and, by extension, prompting forward-thinking CEOs to question the very business they’re in.”

Some figures I think are valuable (and there is a very interactive charting tool in place) based on technology

How strategically important are digital technologies for your org?

  • 81% mobile technologies for customer engagement
  • 80% data mining and analysis
  • 78% cybersecurity
  • 61%  social enabled business processes
  • 60% Cloud computing

How can a company ignore mobile technologies? They are only 3% of the sample and I am sure there are some businesses where you don’t need mobile technologies for customer interactions. So everyone sees the need to be prepared. But is this also the case for the millions of midsize companies in EMEA? I am not sure. There are business threats to keep in mind not thinking to integrate mobile into the current business model

How many years have we been talking about business analytics? I can’t remember. We own tons of data, let’s move them into information and business decisions. But is everyone ready go do so? Do they have a common data model within their IT landscape? Do they have the right questions in mind to search for answers? I believe this is an area where we can create opportunities within the global markets.

Which leads inthe the next area. Security. We have to secure our self, but it is not only a question of firewalls. We have to secure the source of our company, all the data. This includes encryption and also data access management. Keep in mind mobile technologies. It is nice that everything is secure within our own network, but think about mobile devices, local stored information. I still believe the USB ports are one of our greatest security lacks. Secure the communication within the company and also ourside, then secure your overall IT environment.

Social enablement – I am in the middle of such a business – and I can see a lot of opportunities to create business. Social is not a game of teens anymore. If really 60% of the sales cycle is finished before someone gets in touch with a supplier, the customers are using the internet and social media to gather information. Social media is not only Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. There are discussion forums, blogs, message boards and news forums where you can find a lot of information – and we always should keep in mind Google.

Last for today – Cloud Computing. Is it a hype? I don’t believe it. I followed discussions about this topic. They always see the distinction between private and public cloud solutions. Common sense – private cloud is a growing market and every company has to think about non-critical business areas they might use public cloud offers. Does every midsize company has its own payment department – or do they use an external provider? How do they manage the access – via internet? Isn’t it a public cloud solutions?

So have a look into the PWC study. You will find valuable content also for your company.