According to the findings of a market survey carried out by Munich-based Tiba Managementberatung GmbH, project management today also encompasses tasks, such as the approval and release of budgets and agreement-related issues, that used to come under the realm of other disciplines. Network and milestone analyses are therefore long since a thing of the past.

When it comes to planning, HR and reporting channels, various methodologies and processes come into play. New approaches, such as agile project management and the Japanese Kanban method, are also on many users’ agenda. In addition, change cycles are also becoming increasingly shorter. Tiba further claims that ten-year development projects are a rarity today. According to the research carried out, results can be achieved faster in project management in particular through the implementation of workflows, document management, ticket systems and Business Intelligence.

So it is all about database management, based on the requirement it can be a simple App or a complext product like Primavera. And it is always based on the five project management steps I learnt in the late 80’s.  Set goal, plan, discuss & decide, execute, review.