, the voucher and discount platform, is anticipating online sales figures of 52.8 billion euros this year for Germany. This is equivalent to an increase of 23.1% over the previous year’s figures, in which sales of 42.88 billion euros were generated on the Internet. These figures are taken from the current edition of the company’s annual international e-commerce survey.

Therefore, the share of the total trade volume attributed to online retail is expected to rise to 11.6 %. This means, in purely arithmetical terms, that every German national will account for € 654.84 in online sales. Among the eight European countries surveyed, Germany thus takes second place to Great Britain. The British are expected to spend 61.84 billion euros online this year: € 964.74 per capita. This even exceeds the figure calculated for the American population – according to the study, each American is responsible for € 806.39 in online sales. France follows closely behind Germany with a total volume of 36.53 billion euros, equivalent to € 553.23 per citizen. Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Poland lag well behind.