Something from my home ground GermanyIMG_4192In many industries, it is still not easy to fill vacancies as and when required. Current figures have been released by StepStone, the online job exchange, which has presented the results of a self-commissioned survey on the situation in the German market for skilled workers. The companies surveyed have found it difficult to find suitable candidates, in particular, in the IT, engineering and technology sectors. However, the situation is also tense for the following professions: public finance, doctors, nursing and geriatric care.

Most PR departments are not expecting the situation to improve at the beginning of this year. Half of those surveyed stated that they were expecting the demand for skilled workers to be just as high for 2015 as in the previous year. Every fourth company anticipates that the manpower requirement will continue to rise. Only a mere 6% are reckoning with a decrease in demand.

As early as 2014, StepStone recorded a disproportionately strong effort by companies in their search for qualified staff. In addition, the job exchange evaluated some 2 million job advertisements from various sources for their atlas of skilled workers.

What is the impact for the German economy? I think there is a need to re-focus the way we look into education and labour. And also open our market to foreign employees. For the sake also of my pension.