After cloud scepticism and Industry 4.0 criticism, the new question is: What do German medium-sized organisations make of the Internet of Things? This is exactly what IDC asked 150 IT decision makers from German companies with more than 500 employees. The conclusion: 45% consider themselves to be “very familiar” with the Internet of Things, ahead of industrialised nations like the USA (42%) and China (37%).

The user survey established that the networking of sensors, devices and machines, including immediate evaluation of data collected, could tap into new areas of business, especially for medium-sized organisations. According to  IDC, the most important role in The Internet of Things, at least in the start phase, will be played by providers of hardware and software as well as by the solutions providers and system integrators. The largest hurdles standing in the way of an IoT implementation are the up-front costs, security considerations and the apprehension amongst those responsible for IT when selecting the right provider. Additionally, writers criticise the fact that there is currently still a lack of comprehensive solution approaches.

What is your view on this? Is it something which will get out of the laboratory into the daily life of all of us?