Forbes: BYOD or CYOD

Currently, the Internet of Things is the primary driving factor in digital change. However, less dramatic but hardly less powerful, the issue of Enterprise Mobility could also play a major role in the forthcoming IT investments of German companies. According to the estimate at IDC, following BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) the focus has shifted: from risk and cost management to new, better business processes on the basis of mobile technology.

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But back to the topic of the post. It’s particularly customer contact that’s being kept in mind here: those responsible for IT hope to make customer relations more versatile through an “expansion of the mobile applications landscape”, that is, original apps for smartphones and tablets. However, although the IT activities of German companies in 2015 will be much influenced by the digital transformation, for the majority of players IDC sees a danger of missing the transition. Many of those responsible for IT are still hesitant, fearing the challenge of having to work with another non-integrated IT solution that brings with it no tangible benefits.