Social marketing agency We Are Social has released a 376 page report with complete 2014 stats for all things digital, social and mobile. It contains data for more than 240 countries, and in-depth profiles of 30 of the world’s largest economies.

What’s in it for you? The advent of ‘ubiquitous connectivity’ due to mobile continuing to assert its dominance should strongly influence the decision behind your next marketing plans.

According to the report, social media continues to grow around the world, with active user accounts now equating to roughly 29% of the world’s population. Monthly active user figures for the most active  network in each country add up to almost 2.08 billion – a 12% increase since January 2014.

Facebook continues to dominate the global social media landscape, with 1.366 billion active users in January 2015. 83% of the platform’s global users now access the service through mobile devices.