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Social Media: YouTube leads download rankings

The video service YouTube is responsible for more than 24% of downstream traffic via fixed telephone lines in Europe. Traffic via the HTTP protocol ranks second with more than 15%, while Facebook is in third place with around 7.5%. So a shift in social media.

According to the Canadian network company Sandvine, BitTorrent downloads make up 6%, followed by SSL connections (5.5%), Netflix (4.8%), MPEG downloads (3.8%), iTunes (2.2%), Flash videos (1.9%) and the video game platform Twitch (1.7%). These services account for around three quarters of total Internet downstreaming in Europe.

The situation looks similar for mobile Internet access, although Google is among the top ten in this case. Sandvine identified Microsoft’s video messenger Skype as the communication service with the strongest bandwidth, while Apple iMessage and WhatsApp lag far behind. The complete study with additional numbers for the Asia-Pacific region can be downloaded for free following registration. (Source: Sandvine)

Social advertising: Twitter entices SMEs as advertising clients


Short message service Twitter wants to increase its revenue from advertising in Germany. To this end, a new self-service platform is to be set up for companies: Twitter Ads for SMEs. The short message service wants to use this platform to attract small and medium-sized companies by gearing to requests posted by Twitter users; users’ behaviour on other websites (something that Facebook already converts into hard cash) is not intended to be taken into account.

“Paid tweets” can therefore be used as an advertising tool, which advertising clients can integrate in the news stream for specific user groups. If a user follows specific companies, for example, or lives in a selected region, they can be selectively targeted in this way. “The number of ad spaces auctioned off in an auction process won’t change, which means that greater interest from advertising clients should also lead to higher advertising prices,” believes Thomas de Buhr, Managing Director of Twitter Germany.

So is there is a shift in the way Germans look into Twitter. I am not so sure. First is still the limitation to 140 characters (without spending money). German has 30% more characters than English. So this would reduce short messages in English down to 98 characters.  And we tend to be precise, we try to find the right word, which sometimes are very long (one of the reasons why we are not best in Scrabble).

But let’s keep an eye on this.


Social Media: Facebook likes Big Data Analytics

IMG_5332The better the data available, the more informed the decisions which can be made will be. Nevertheless, on average, companies only use half of all internally available information to make decisions.

This is the conclusion of an international BARC study, for which 743 company representatives from all over the world were surveyed. At the same time, the amount of available data is greater than ever: In its latest study on the digital universe, IDC predicted that the total volume of digital information will amount to 44 zettabytes by 2020. But the opportunities that arise from this are primarily seized by companies which are already the leaders in their fields. According to a globally conducted study of 802 cloud decision makers and users, a third of them are three times more likely to use analysis tools from the cloud to draw business-relevant conclusions from Big Data.

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Digital, Social and Mobile in 2015


Social marketing agency We Are Social has released a 376 page report with complete 2014 stats for all things digital, social and mobile. It contains data for more than 240 countries, and in-depth profiles of 30 of the world’s largest economies.

What’s in it for you? The advent of ‘ubiquitous connectivity’ due to mobile continuing to assert its dominance should strongly influence the decision behind your next marketing plans.

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