Midsize Companies – Process optimization – Software. Those are the three phrases which describes my profession passion until end of 2011. I have to add another topic to the list – Social Media.

There are several reasons behind it. First, very obvious, I am German. And Germany has more than 1.5 million midsize companies. During school, university and internship I was in touch with many companies, most of them between 50 and 250 employees. We looked into the shop floor control systems, we simulated process changes, we managed the work order releases and lot sizes.

Second my first job. Consultant at Baan, a product dedicated to midsize companies. I had the opportunity to implement the software at 18 companies, all in the midmarket, all in different industries. Make-to-order, make-to-stock, process industry, configuration, projects, Kanban, JIT, consumer goods, tier 2 automotive suppliers, medical stockings, bedclothes. All very passionated.

Brings me to the thesis – midsize companies define themselves as part of an industry supply chain, they feel part of the geographical region (not even country, it is the area where they have their roots) and third as a midsize company. This is even true today, where we talk about globalization. It is always the industry and their region, not the size of their company.

Third is the social media component. Massive changes in communication. I was so proud of my first laptop, I still have it and it is still running Win 3.1. I was so proud of my first mobile phone (Siemens S10). Looking into today’s communication we use several devices, in parallel. We expect to have access to all documents and information in real-time. We enriched the way we communicate, and social media (not only Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Xing, also instant messaging, message boards, blogs, newsrooms, videos and pictures) is part of the current communication setup.

I am sure we can do our current job in a better way, challenging ourselves every day.

To be clear and honest, I am an Oracle employee, the views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.